[Notice] 2023 FNC Global Audition in Singapore FNC캐스팅팀 23.07.12

2023 FNC Global Audition in Singapore

[오디션 일정 / Audition Schedules]

August 27th - Singapore



[지원방법 / Application Method]
On-site Application


[지원자격 / Qualification]
Any person born between 2004-2012


[지원분야 / Category]
- Vocal / Rap: Any song without backtrack (within 1.5 mins)
- Dance: Any dance (within 1.5mins)
- Acting: At least one scenario (within 1min)
- Instruments: A video of you playing the instrument (within 1 min)
- Visual: Self-PR (within 30 secs)
- Modeling: Catwalk walk + 3 poses



[시간 및 장소 / Date & Location]


*SCAPE Singapore

-Date: August 27th (Sun)

-Registration time: 3pm~4pm

-Location: @*SCAPE Singapore

-Address: 2 Orchard Link, Singapore 237978


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