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The 2nd Journey Begins!



▶오디션 일정 Audition Period

- Vancouver : Jul.7th-10th

- Calgary : Jul.11th-12th   

- Edmonton : Jul.13th  

- Montreal : Jul.14th

- Toronto : Jul.15th-19th



▶지원자격 Qualification

Anyone born between 2003-2010


▶지원분야 Category 

(Only ONE category can be selected while applying)

- Vocal / Rap : Any song without backtrack (within 1.5 mins)

- Dance : Free Style Dance (within 1.5mins)  *We will play music at random

- Acting : At least one scenario (within 1min)

- Visual : Self-PR (within 30 secs)

- Instruments : A video of you playing the instrument (within 1 min)

- Modeling : 3 poses

▶지원방법 Application Method 

Regional Academy Visit Audition : On-site Application (50 people, first come first served)

※ External applicants who are not part of the academy can apply as well

※ Applications are accepted from the starting time of the audition until an hour before the audition ends

※ Please check the region, schedule and venue of the one you are applying for prior to your application


Vancouver / Calgary / Montreal / Toronto Public Audition : On-site Application

※ The starting time of each public audition is different. Please check out the specific time and details from the poster, and arrive in time

※ Applications are accepted from the starting time of the audition until an hour before the audition ends

 There will be no limit on the number of applicants for the Public Audition. Please apply for the Public Audition in the first Priority


▶지역별 진행장소 및 시간 Time and Location




-Jul.7th, 2022

@Wonder Dance Studio (PM05:00 - PM08:00)

2060 - 9111 Beckwith Road, Richmond

-Jul.8th, 2022

@LH Productions X XM Vocal (PM02:00 - PM05:00)

Unit 106-644 SW Marine Drive, Vancouver BC

@Flying Dance Studios (PM06:00 - PM09:00)

4351 No. 3 Rd #260, Richmond, BC V6X 2C3


-Jul.9th, 2022

Public Audition

@MAMAKEISH KPOP Academy (PM01:00 - PM04:00)

163 Pinetree Way #2116, Coquitlam, BC V3B 8A6

-Jul.10th, 2022

Public Audition

@BGM Dance Studio (AM11:00 - PM04:00)

170-5771 No.3 Road, Richmond BC.



-Jul.11th, 2022

@Mari's Dance Club (PM05:00 - PM08:00)

3530 11a St NE #4, Calgary, AB 


-Jul.12th, 2022

Public Audition

@Dance Code Calgary (PM05:00 - PM08:00)

618 36 Avenue NE, Calgary, AB


-Jul.13th, 2022

@Celtic Ceilidh Dance Academy (PM05:00 - PM08:00)

130 6325 Gateway Boulevard NW, Edmonton, AB T6H 5H6 (Argyll Centre)


-Jul.14th, 2022

Public Audition

@KrossLine Dance Studio (PM05:00 - PM08:00)

6684 Bd Monk, Montreal, QC H4E 3J1


-Jul.15th, 2022

@Star Dance Centre (PM05:00 - PM08:00)

4750 Yonge St, Unit 326, Third Floor (Above LCBO), Toronto, ON M2N 0J6


-Jul.16th, 2022

Public Audition

@Dream Makers Canada (AM11:00 - PM04:00)

81 Doncaster Ave, Thornhill, ON L3T 1L6


-Jul.17th, 2022

Public Audition

@Dancelife X Centre (AM11:00 - PM04:00)

619 Yonge St #D (Yonge & Bloor) Toronto, ON M4Y 1Z5


-Jul.18th, 2022

@Manling Dance School (PM05:00 - PM08:00)

129 Telson Rd, Markham, ON L3R 1E4


-Jul.19th, 2022

@M Dance Studio (PM05:00 - PM08:00)

3425 Semenyk Ct, Mississauga, ON L5C 4P9



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